Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bringing Baby Home... or not?!

I sure as heck hope these were made as a joke, and I better not be getting a booklet of these "bad boys" from the hospital upon leaving with baby. Oh Goodness these are just wrong!

My only words of advise, if you require these as flash card because your contemplating if motherhood is for you, I suggest birth control and condoms and just to be safe a chastity belt! You may not have sex ever, in case of impregnation and the liability that you will be to the poor little one! I'm just sayin' - take up a new pass time....maybe I suggest knitting?

These Flash Cards do not get a Mommy Award however they do get an Award for making me laugh-my-ass and if anything a fun Gag-Gift to print and give to a mama-to-be!

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