Monday, May 2, 2011

Loved by Heidi Klum Jeans Review

Buying Maternity Clothing I thought would be easy-peasy for me. I would go to the regular stores I shopped at pre-baby bump and just buy a size or two larger. This idea of mine was very short lived at my trip across the boarder this weekend when I waddled my butt over to Charlotte Russe, my all-time favorite clothing store. After trying on at least everything in the store once, I came to the conclusion not only can I not shop the way I used to {must have water and a stool for resting purposes between trying on t-shirt 50 and 51} but the clothes just don't fit the same. I need more length and more cotton! 

Fabrics just don't feel as comfy unless they are soft and cozy these days and they sure as heck don't make things long enough to cover a baby belly. Trying to lift my spirits I headed over to accessories to see what I could find and did a decent enough job picking myself back up with a few Bow Rings and Earing made of feather. However I still wasn't going to leave Bellisfair Mall without any Maternity Gear. I don't think I could last another week rotating between the same 3 pairs of pants...I JUST WON'T DO IT!

I decided to give in and hit Motherhood Maternity. What is the worst that could happen...right?

I found the brand "Loved" by Heidi Klum and I thought I would give it a try considering they were fairly trendy looking. On sale for $29, I was even happier to see - after trying them on with success and not at a randomly large size, I was happy.

 The pair of Pants I purchased were in a Ash Grey, with distressing around the thighs, shins and bum, however I couldn't find a picture online for them. They pants I purchased were the same as pictured just in Navy Blue,  they are the same shape {Skinny} and material content. 

Since this was my first purchase for Maternity Pants I didn't know what I would really like, under-belly or over-belly waist band. So why not buy one of both and have some fun testing. What I have come to deciding is I like the over-belly far better for the simple fact that "plumbers crack" even while your pregnant is still far from sexy. 

The Jeans are beyond cute, uber comfortable and more affordable than I had anticipate with Heidi Klums name plastered all over them - my only complaint would be that they are not made available in an over-belly waist band and therefore you would have to love either showing some crack or hire someone to do the following for you:
1) tie your shoes
2) put on your socks
3) pick up anything you have fumbled and dropped {which happens a lot I find during pregnancy}
4) reaching anything at bottom shelves
5) pick up any "lucky pennies" you see on the ground

I have not purchased anything else from the "Loved" line, for the simple fact that I didn't see anything that I....I.... well.... loved. However now going on the Motherhood site I see many things that I wished that I could try on, but were not available for me during my visit.

Loved by Heidi Klum
Convertible Sleeve Hardware Detail Maternity Tunic
On Sale for $29.99

Loved by Heidi Klum
Sleeveless Patch Pocket Maternity Tank Top
On Sale for $14.99

Loved by Heidi Klum 
Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Necklace Trim Maternity Shirt
On Sale for $19.99

Loved by Heidi Klum
Elbow Sleeve Convertible Sleeve Maternity Tunic

On Sale for $29.99

The "Loved" Line of Clothing by Heidi Klum gets a "Mommy Award" for its Trendy Designs and Affordable Pricing. If anyone is out there looking for some affordable clothing while they are pregnant, I highly recommend the the Loved Line. However I have learnt that not all style {under-belly and over-belly waist bands} are meant and loved by all - so my suggestion is make sure you either try them on, or buy them on sale!  



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