Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sea-Band Review

The first 3 months of my pregnancy were far from magical. I hate to say it, I really honestly do - but many time I thought to myself, really am I going to make it if my life is made up of crying, anger, sleeping and running to the bathroom for the next 9 months. My poor husband got the brunt of it all from my mood swings to my random crying to my "no food for me - you can't make me" fits I threw. 

I cried on many occasions that mothers would tell me they had this through the whole nine months and then giggled when my Doctor told me it usually only lasts until 14 to 16 weeks. 

I needed something to ease the feeling - anything really. I was willing to try - ALMOST - anything. However if it had to do with my husband researching liquid concoctions to stew up and feed to me, I wasn't having it. I will pass on your Ginger Stew that I can't even stand the smell of - I'll suffer thanks. After ranting to a girlfriend {and mother of 3} or mine she mentioned Sea-Bands helped her out a lot. Used for Motion Sickness, mostly used on cruise ships by non-sea-lovers. 

Off to the Grocery Store we went, sailor cap and all, to buy me some Sea-Bands.

Purchasing these overly tight sweater bracelets were worth every $15 it cost us. Finding them in the Pharmacy area, they were located on a little round wire stand containing things you may need if going away on a floating vacation. I didn't care where I found these "bad-boys", they were coming home with me.

Got in the Car and on they went. Reading the instructions aloud my husband kept insuring me they might take a while to "kick-in", so don't expect to feel better instantly. "Ha" like he had any idea what these Sweater Bracelets even did, he was just so afraid of my timed freak out after seconds of them cutting off my circulation, with a possible no relief. 

{placement of the Sea-Band is quite easy to determine, follow the picture above}

Within about 20 minutes I felt relief. Don't get me wrong I didn't feel like eating at the China Buffet anytime that day, but it defiantly gave me what I needed to go home, put a smile on my face and enjoy the Dinner that my husband was about to make me and baby. What a fabulous feeling it was to not have to rush to a bathroom every 35 minutes. My ass and the couch got a lot more acquainted for the next few weeks while I recovered from the past 12 weeks of goodness.

At 14 weeks I attempted to remove the bands to see if I could go without my training wheels and wouldn't you know it, I was one of the lucky ones, like my doctor promised. No more Nausea for me.... Only when my husband tried to feed my Ginger Tea to soothe my stomach. "Hey, not everyones belly's is soothed with the Root! So LAY-OFF on the G-Tea BUDDY!"....

Now they are no "fashion statement" but they get the job done. Sorta like Crocs, wear them and you will get caught in the next Perez Hilton Rant however when you are looking for a quick slip on to get the trash out on Garbage Day - they work!

Sea-Band gets a "Mommy Award" for there excellence in making me feel less Nauseous and more like ordering in Chinese Food with a Bag of Sour Keys for Dessert!

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