Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Pool: How to get the men "really" involved

Yes, you heard me right. I said Baby Pool and not Hockey Pool. But yet, so very similar!

I don't know if this is a Canadian thing or not, but Hockey Pools are played in every household here in British Columbia that has any ounce male testosterone under its roof. Some play for fun, but most add a little side bet to make it worth staying on the Band Wagon the entire year. My Husband plays every year with a group of 15 guys and by the end of the Hockey Season someone wins about $150. Which I find the timing impeccable since this is usually the time that one would require 5 cases of beer to wash there sorrows away on another Stanley Cup loss.

This had lead me to researching an online "pool" not for Hockey, but for Babies. Exactly same concept, but without the body-checks and missing teeth. I have lots of men in my family who eat, breathe and sleep hockey - so I thought this might be a fun venture to include everyone in from near and far - as my family does spread themselves all over the province.

Here is what the site will look like upon arriving {}:

You can choose what your friends and family will be guessing {IE: Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Weight, Length, Hair Color, Eye Color, First Name and Middle Name} either choosing each one or token items. 

The next step will allow you to somewhat personalize your Baby Pool Site, with your pictures, Site Name, Slogan {he shoots, he scores} and Page View that your guests will see. 

Once this has all been created, you may send a massive e-mail out directly from the site to all participants in the Baby Pool. Creating a small letter inviting them to your Baby Pool Site and possibly adding a little bet or prize for the member who gets the most points by the time baby arrives. 

My husband and I decided to have a small prize at the end of the Pool, rather than just a patt-on-the-back to the lucky guesser. There is a great deal of competitive people in my family, male and female - so it only felt fair. 

Go ahead...make your own Baby Pool and get the "men" really involved - BebePool!

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