Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stretch Marks: Can they be prevented?

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As if the weight gain, nausea, emotions, energy loss and body aches weren't already enough. Stretch Marks are always the "talk of the town" between mothers and mothers-to-be. Everyone seems to always have there way to prevent them, foods to eat, lotions to rub, oils to lather and chants to sing. Any which way you look at it, what I have learnt over time, is its the luck of the draw.

Any article that I have read never gives you a definite answer on what you can do, eat or sing  - they always seem to be throwing around words like "in most cases" or "typically" or "if your one of the lucky ones". Which ever the case maybe, here is the skinny, or should I say chunky on Stretch Marks and what I have come to understand.

* Stretch marks can appear on your chest, buttocks, arms and thighs so that you soon feel like those red, pink, purple or silver lines are practically everywhere.
{source: WebMD}

* If you have a genetic predisposition for stretch marks or you have light skin, the odds are stacked against you. In fact, up to 90 percent of women get stretch marks before they give birth.
{source: Tunzi}

* The best way to minimize stretch marks is to pay close attention to your weight, diet and skin. Eat healthy food and avoid gaining weight quickly because this can stretch the skin.

* You should also drink lots of water and take supplements that contain vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc because this will help your skin stay supple and stretch easily. Some doctors also recommend gently massaging areas prone to stretch marks with cocoa butter or shea butter. 
{source: Robertson}

* There are also many lotions, oils and creams on the market that claim to prevent stretch marks, but most doctors believe that stretch marks are hereditary and topical treatments won't prevent them.
{source: WebMD}

* A large study found that over half of women with stretch marks had mothers with stretch marks, so there is a hereditary link. The strongest association, however, was made between pregnancy stretch marks and the presence of existing stretch marks on the body (for example on the breasts and thighs). Among women with pregnancy stretch marks, 81% had pre-existing stretch marks in these areas.

After many horrible nightmares of my stretch mark filled belly and buns frolicking in my teeny weeny bikini on the beaches of Hawaii - I decided, that I am darned if I do, and darned if I don't. Whether I had it coming already thanks to my Mother and Nana or not, I thought I would cover but Butt {Belly, Thighs and Boobs}, off to Shoppers I went to purchase my Bio-Oil.... If these babies were going to stretch there red, purple and silver marks all over me, they were not going to have an easy time at doing it!

Please stay tuned for my review on Bio-Oil and see if it gets a "Mommy Award"

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