Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Belly Book Review

Today, Canada Post made me beyond happy. He brought me my Amazon package EARLIER than expected. I had them deliver it to my work, as I knew that I would want to rip it open right away and get to filling in what I have missed the past 4.5 months. And besides, their is nothing like being paid to not do my work... right ladies? 

I thought Pregnant women get away with

I ripped it open and made sure the whole office new I got a package that didn't have to do with a product return, and that I was having much more fun in my cubical than they were. That's just what I do here, I enjoy to make peoples day just peachy!

Flipped through the first few pages and couldn't be more happier having made the choice I did, with places for pictures, journaling and answering silly questions. Some that I have come across thus far are cravings, and answering whether I feel like a Fertility Goddess or Humpty Dumpty! Here are 2 images to leave you with of my fun new diary....

The Belly Book defintaly gets a "Mommy Award" for its Fun, Interactive and Creative Questions. I also may add that it keeps my mind pre-occupied here at work when all I want to do is go home early and eat Frozen Yogurt!

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swampthings said...

I never realized there was a belly book. This is awesome!