Monday, April 18, 2011

Surface Inspired Wall Decals {ETSY} Review

My husband and I have been working on home renovations now since we moved into our new home on May 2009. From Painting to Removing Walls, to Kitchen Demolitions, to Bathroom Overhauls and Deck Removals it seems to be a never ending "to do" list. However I am happy to announce that they are coming to a close with just a few small last details. Our entire upstairs has been remodeled and its just peachy! 

We attacked the Babies Room a few weekends ago with Baseboards, Trim and Wall Decals...which If what I am here to share. We purchased Tree Wall Decals from a ETSY Seller about 9 months ago and used them for our Bathroom Renovation. We had in mind that we would also use the Trees in the Main room to fill up a blank wall that required some sprucing {if you will}. However upon finding out we were pregnant we both decided we wants to use the balance of Trees we had for his/her room. Transforming the forest into a Alice in Wonderland Theme for a little girl or an Enchanted Forest for a boy. 

So my husband and I tackled  this "wee' project and I put together a review for you. Including fun pictures and all. The Decals were purchased from Surface Inspired Baby Nursery Wall Decals on ETSY, I delt with the most kind man ever, Thomas who helped with creating a special listing for us to ensure we got enough Tree's that we designed at his best possible price. We purchased 2 set's of 6 - Winter Trees Vinyl Wall Art Decals  for about $150 plus shipping. After recieving the order we were excited to get started. With all the instruction on paper in the package and a link to watch an online instructional video it was dummy-proof which is what we were hoping for. 

I won't lie upon opening the box, we were very worried that this was going to be a task that we would, could, should never complete - however with the Bathroom done in an hour and the Babies Room about that same time, we really couldn't be more happier with the outcome. 

Cutting the Tree Stumps out and them all the Branches we found to be the easiest route to take. Once they were all out I spread them out into piles, Tree Stumps, Long Branches, Short Branches and Busy Branches {with 2 or 3 branches breaking off of 1}. Starting with the stump or Tree center if you will we figure out where we wanted the placement. Once they were up on the wall we brought the branches in and started to play. we would temporarily tape them on with some painters tape to ensure the tree looked natural yet still considering my eye for symmetric placement. Once I was happy, up they went, branch by branch. 

Sammy and I are so extremely happy with the finished product and can't wait to either spruce the room up with Tea Cups and Lace or Owls and Foxes. This day wont come until the Babies sex has been confirmed which isn't until the end of this month. 

The Surface Inspired Wall Decals defiantly get a "Mommy Award" for not only its Quality and Cost, but is brilliance in changing a room from good to grand! It also should get an award for making my husband spend a total of 2 hours listening to me try and perfect the branch placement in making it look natural yet symmetric. I'm pretty sure thats an oxymoron. No?


Larabear said...

I LOVE Etsy!

Epic said...

Great job on your nursery! I was hyper aware of what the celebs could do with their nurseries when they have such a huge budget but then I realized that money doesn't buy good taste and you know what girl, you have good taste. So good job, your nursery looks amazing!

Mikey said...

Very nice and what a wonderful idea. I always wanted to do something like that myself, but never really have the time or funding to do so. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the room ties together with whatever accessories will compliment the baby's gender. Congrats by the way.


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