Friday, April 15, 2011

Can I get a.... KICK KICK?!

{19 Weeks}

What can I do to get my little baby to kick. I've tried poking, tickling and even jumping on the trampoline {only kidding on the last one}.... I just can't seem to get a kick out of him/her. I want my husband so badly to feel more apart of this pregnancy and think this will be the answer, but as far as baby is concerned she is just peachy being a goody-to-shoes and not kicking mommy where it counts. 

I am only 19 weeks, and the doctor said its fairly normal to not feel anything up to this point, however I should be soon. I have also been told that since this is my first, baby may be a rockin' and a rollin' but I may mistake it for a gas bubble. I have been paying very close attention these days to all rumbles and bubbles in my belly, still however I'm not convinced Ive felt anything baby related thus far.

I just cannot wait for the first real kicks where Sammy and I can widen our eyes and drop our chins to the floor... I have a feeling it will be just as epic as seeing the double lines after peeing on the stick!

PS: on a side note...I saw this photo and can figure out of this is photo-shoped or not, sorta creeps me out. Can anyone shed some light - can this actually happen?



Erika Scott | Portrait Photographer said...

Your first kicks will feel more like you have little butterfly tickles/flutters. They will be questionable (you'll ask if yourself if that is what you actually felt)......bit they will come more frequently and stronger. It is hard for hubby tp be involved now......but in short enough time, it will all be fun and games!! Enjoy this time!!

Larabear said...

In answer to the bottom, you will never see a foot.

As mentioned on FB...Annabelle went nuts when I drank Club Soda but didn't do the same to other fizzy drinks. She also loved when Hill Billy Bone by Blake Shelton was on the was quite funny since I didn't really like the song. She's a huge dancer now though!

Do you know it's a girl now or just still blogging with the feeling it's a girl?

Anonymous said...

Um, no, that picture isn't real:) And I don't think I felt any real movement till much later in my pregnancy!