Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walking your way through Pregnancy

After coming home from the Doctors and being told to "lay off the carbs" I began to think its about time I get my ass out of my bunny slippers and into my Reeboks. Bringing me to the next dilemma on what would I wear since all my gear for the gym would no way in heck fit this 19 week chub we created! And I totally mean "we" because my husband cooks all the meals in the house during the weeks since I get home 2 hours after him! So damn takes 2 to tango my friend!

Finding comfort in an extra large pair of yoga pants with a fold over band - stayed folded up for obvious reasons... off to the lake we went. 

About 3 blocks away from my Home we have a man-made Lake which we have never been to before. I'd like to start this next point with saying I just moved into this Home - however that would be a full-blown lie. Ive been there going on 2 years...sad I know! The Lake has a trail around the entire thing totaling 1 km,  its perfect for an evening stroll after dinner. Not only stopping me from snacking, but allowing my shows to be PVR'd while I was gone so commercials are a thing of the past when I watch them.  A total Win-Win situation I'd say!

{Como Lake - a man made lake, 1km in circumference}

Doing some more research on while walking while pregnant is a good thing, beyond the obvious, here is what I found:

* Walking throughout pregnancy ensures that your body keeps up a level of health and fitness, making it easier to lose those pregnancy pounds after delivery. 

* Walking eases constipation, along with aches and pains, helping you to sleep better at night. 

* Keeping up your fitness will also improve your endurance during labor.

I don't know about you, but those 3 points alone will ensure that I have more walks around the Lake and less walks to and from the Pantry.... Not only is it the best thing you can do for you and your baby {staying fit} but I feel that it will be the best thing for my emotions after baby arrives. Keep positive, stay Healthy and live an active Lifestyle. I know that come Summer of 2012 Ill be back into my Teenie Weenie Yellow Bikini again... I just know it!


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Larabear said...

My sister-in-law and I loved the Fit 4 Two classes - I wobbled around our neighbourhood every night especially when I became overdue. Happy walking!